British Open Stage 8: SkiO Game

Stage description

Navigate around a SkiO course as fast as possible.

Recommended device

Desktop computer or laptop.


New for the British Open! There might hardly be any skiing in Britain and it might be the British summer but it’s not stopping us including SkiO in this competition!

You’ll see a map with many tracks on with a start and a finish point. You must memorise the direction you’ll take at each junction. Once you’re ready the map will disappear and you must remember your route. If you need to look at the map again there will be a penalty.

The inspiration for this game came from ski-o game the creator (Greg Walker) of catching features built. You can play that game for more practice. Our game has been created by Ben Brown.


There is a choice of two courses:

  • Hard
  • Easy

You’ll be ranked by:

  1. firstly, which course you complete – everyone who completes the Hard will be ranked above those who only complete Easy
  2. then, the total time you take to complete the course – including 30 second penalty for looking at the map again


You can do warm up games here.

Ready to compete?

There’s There’ll be several controls.

When you’re ready to play go to this link.
When you finish, your result will be automatically recorded

You MUST complete this stage by 17:00 UK Time on Sunday 28th June.

If you have any issues, please contact us.


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