Lockdown Orienteering

Thank you!

Goodbye Lockdown Orienteering…

Hello Orienteering Unlocked!

Lockdown Orienteering is all over! We’re returning to real orienteering now 🙂

But it’s not quite the end for virtual orienteering… We’re know organising virtual events as Orienteering Unlocked – check out what’s coming up!

Thank you to those people who made Lockdown Orienteering a success!

Thanks to all those who helped along the way. A special mention to those who helped throughout the series: 

Craig Nolan – planning the Grand Finals and commentary
Katherine Bett – presenting and commentary in the Grand Finals
Hector Haines – interviews and livestream presenting
Ben Brown – creating and rebuilding many of the challenges we used.
Simon Errington and James Errington – creating and maintaining the results system
Color – the Swiss Catching Features map creator
Brad Connor – livestream coordinator

And those who made an important contribution to at least one weekend:  Graham Gristwood, Tuomo Mäkelä, Jan Kocbach, Mike Smithard, Anne Edwards, Emil Wingstedt, Jon Cross, Graeme Ackland, Josh Dudley, Lucas Basset, Gerardo Garcia, Ephraim Chuene, Polokwane Orienteering Club, Meri Chkripeska, OK Zlatovrv, Martin Bagness Forth Valley Orienteers, Masterplan Adventure, Edinburgh Southern and EON Orienteering. Plus others who helped us host multiplayer games, gave us maps or shared our events!

Who we helped

Each event supported good causes around the world. We hope to share stories of what the money achieved later in 2020.

Polokwane Orienteering Club, South Africa: £1000
OK Zlatovrv, North Macedonia: £300
Orienteering Development in Argentina: £400
Orienteering Development in Turkey: £120
Great Britain Team: £2,025
UK Athlete Support Fund: £500

Total: £4,345

Past Events

Junior Weekend ReportResultsInformation and Analysis

British Open ChampionshipsReportResultsInformation and Analysis

June WeekendReportResultsInformation and Analysis

Team EventReportResultsInformation and Analysis

World Orienteering Day Virtual Event – Report – ResultsInformation and Analysis

Classic WeekendReport ResultsInformation and Analysis

Sprint WeekendReportResultsInformation and Analysis

Easter WeekendReportResultsInformation and Analysis

YouTube Interviews

Check out a variety of interviews over on our YouTube channel including:

What was Lockdown Orienteering?

Real orienteering was cancelled due to Covid-19. So we create orienteering challenges anyone could take part in from their home – and so Lockdown Orienteering was born: a series of online challenges to test your orienteering skills and knowledge against people from anywhere in the world, while we waited for real orienteering to return. The competition was coordinated by Chris Smithard.


The Easter Championships was the first Lockdown Orienteering event, with 500 people taking part, including the two most successful orienteers of all time: Thierry Gueorgiou and Simone Niggli. More than 20 countries were represented from across the globe, including New Zealand, Japan, South Africa and many European countries. Our Easter Champion was Casper Skepp of Sweden, and you can find a report on the Easter Championships here.

Our second competition was the Sprint Weekend, testing many of the elements involved in sprint orienteering. Malthe Poulsen of Denmark was victorious in the overall ranking. Read the weekend report here.

Thierry Gueorgiou took victory at the third event, the Classic Weekend!

Our free World Orienteering Day event attracted 1000 people and the British junior Joe Sunley was victorius!

Next up was the Team Weekend with the French team KLS taking the main title and South Yorkshire claiming the junior top spot.

The June Weekend saw the first Women’s overall winner with the Yorkshire junior Anna Todd taking the initial title. Joe Sunley won men’s.

The British Open saw us return to the organisers homeland with Sarah Rollins and Joe Sunley (again!)crossing the finish line first.

The final event was dedicated to our Juniors. The winners: Joe Sunley, Heather Wimberley, Rune De Clerq, Kirtsen Robertson, Robbie Lightfoot, Anna Todd, Hannah Hateley, Naomi Thornton and Finlay McLuckie. Congrats to all who took part!

Series Sponsors

Lockdown Orienteering was fully supported by British Orienteering

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