Junior Weekend – Report

17th-19th July 2020

We were in Turkey ahead of the next Junior World Championships!

It was the normal format for this competition. 2 categories: a 10 stage and 7 stage competition. It also included a new stages: Minecraft Orienteering.

The Grand Final again saw a 5 races: M20, W20, M16, W16 and W/M12. We had some great battles! You can watch the final here!

Winners – 10 Stage after the Grand Final
M20 – Joe Sunley
W20 – Heather Wimberley
M16 – Rune De Clerq
W16 – Kirtsen Robertson
M12 – Robbie Lightfoot
W12 – Anna Todd

Winners – 7 Stage
M20 – Joe Sunley
W20 – Hannah Hateley
M16 – Rune De Clerq
W16 – Naomi Thornton
M12 – Finlay McLuckie
W12 – Anna Todd

Full results can be found here.

For further information on the stages please visit the competitor information for each day here. In some of the stages you still have a go yourself to see how you would have got on (or to try again 😉 ).

Want to thank those people who made it happen. Ben Brown for game creation and management. James and Simon Errington for results. Color for the awesome Catching Features maps. Hector, Katherine, Craig and Brad for their livestream work. Plus EON Orienteering or the Turkey sprint map.

The competition was donating some of the proceeds to the development of orienteering in Turkey.

What next? This as the final Lockdown Orienteering event as real orienteering starts again in the country we’re based in (the UK)! We’ll be changing our name to Orienteering Unlocked and will be focused on helping you get better at real orienteering, plus some more virtual events in the Autumn and Winter.

Thanks for your support over the last 3 months and enjoy the forests again 🙂

Chris and the Lockdown Orienteering Team

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