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We hope you enjoy these World Orienteering Day challenges!

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Your best 4 out of 5 stages count for the overall ranking.


We have prizes that will be awarded randomly amongst all who take part.

What do I need?

We recommend using a desktop computer or laptop for most of the challenges, rather than a phone or tablet. Having a separate mouse is also good idea.

What else is happening?

Watch on Youtube – World Orienteering Day – Wednesday Live Video. We chat to Jenny Nilsson from the International Orienteering Federation about World Orienteering Day. Then catch up with Thierry Gueorgiou about what he’s been up to recently and a few highlights of his career. Plus the All Star Invitational Catching Features Race. Mass start with Simona Aebersold, Megan Carter Davies, Isia Basset, Florian Howald, Matt Ogden and Thierry. Live Interview with Thierry Gueorgiou

Youtube Interviews

The stages (challenges)

Complete in any order between Wednesday 13th and Saturday 16th May 2020

1. Street View Orienteering

What: Navigate around an orienteering course in London using Google Street View

  • Read the instructions on the game website and do the practice course!
  • To move in Street View click where you want to go. You don’t always need to click an arrow to move.

Practice course: using this link.

Competition: Click here to start your race.

Results will be uploaded once a day by us. If you want to upload your results to the overall results website more quickly use this link.

2. Laby – The Maze

What: A course in a maze. Note – the red arrow points north!


You’ll be ranked by:

  • firstly, which course you complete – for example, everyone who completes Course A will be ranked above those who complete Course B and everyone who completes Course B above those on Course C
  • then, the total time you take to complete the course

Practice courses:


When you finish the course take a screenshot/photo and submit the time to us (see below for link).

Get lost? Start again and add your times together.

3. Virtual Trail Orienteering

What: Which control flag/marker in the photo matches the one on the map?

  • You see controls A, B, C, D, E and F. You must chose the one that matches the map. If you think none match the map pick Z.
  • The competition has been set in the University of Tsukuba in Japan.
  • The planner is Matthew Pickering

Scoring: You will be ranked by time you took. If you get a question wrong then you get a 60 second penalty.

Practice course: use this link.

Competition: use this link

4. Spot the difference

What: You get 2 maps which look the same but we made some small changes. Can you find them?

  • Using maps from New Zealand, South Africa, the UK, Chile, the USA and Japan.
  • Creator is Graham Gristwood, World Orienteering Relay Champion 2008

Scoring: How many you got right, then how long you took.

Practice course: use this link.

Competition: use this link.

5. Catching Features

What: A race in the computer game Catching Features! Note: you have to buy the game form the website (we don’t own it).

  • We’ve created a map using real maps from the 6 continents orienteering takes for World Orienteering Day 2020. The countries are Chile, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, the United States and Japan.
  • Don’t get too close to the water though as you may get stuck…


Your time.


When you’re ready to play:

  1. Open Catching Features and select Competitions.
  2. Select Lockdown-O – World O Day.
  3. Complete the course, as quickly as you can!
  4. Submit your course and time via this link.


World Orienteering Day Organisers and the International Orienteering Federation support this virtual event.

Lockdown Orienteering is fully supported by British Orienteering

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