Team Weekend


Friday 22nd May

20:00Live interview with Graham Gristwood on the story behind the Great Britain relay win in 2008

Saturday 23rd May

19:30Deadline for finishing stages 1-4 and submitting scores
20:00Daily roundup – we look at the solutions and analysis from stages 1-4

Sunday 24th May

17:00Deadline for finishing stages 5-7, the Catching Feature Race and submitting scores
20:00Live Video: The Team Final
Weekend roundup


Link to Stage InfoFinish Time
Stage 1RouteChoiceGame19:30 Saturday
Stage 2Rapid Route Game19:30 Saturday
Stage 3Jigsaw19:30 Saturday
Stage 4Photo Memory O19:30 Saturday
Stage 5Up or Down?17:00 Sunday
Stage 6The Short Gaffle17:00 Sunday
Stage 7Street View O17:00 Sunday
ExtraCatching Features: Bonus17:00 Sunday
Catching Features: Team Final



Important: All times are British Summer Time (BST), which is GMT+1 and CEST-1.

To allow us to finalise results each day, you MUST complete all stages and submit your scores by the times above.

If you’re late submitting your score, you’ll lose 50 points (unless your lateness is caused by the organisers).

Fair play

Honesty is crucial! In some stages it’s possible to cheat, but we’re trusting that you won’t. For each stage, your first attempt is the one that counts. Also do not share competition information with your team mates before they have completed that stage. #fairplay

Age classes, categories and prizes

Main competition:

  • 7 people in a team
  • 2 categories: Open (any age) and Masters (M/W50+)
  • prizes for the best teams in each category

Junior competition:

  • 5 people in a team (M/W16-)
  • prizes for the best teams in each category

Catching Features

There are no Catching Features races as part of the main competition.

However there will be one competition. The best 3 people from each team will count towards a team competition. The fastest 3 teams from this competition will go through to the final on Sunday night at 20:00 UK time!


We recommend using a desktop computer or laptop for some stages, rather than a phone or tablet.

We also recommend using a mouse, rather than a touchpad, especially if you’re playing Catching Features.

Results and scoring

You’ll use the results system both to upload your results (for stages that don’t do this automatically) and to see your position in the overall rankings.

We’ll award points for each stage by ranking your performance against the other competitors. First place gets 1000 points, second place 999 points, third place 998 points, and so on. If you fail to complete a stage, you get 0 points.

To get the overall results in each category, we’ll add up the points from your best 5 stages.

The team with the highest total points is the winner!

If you miss the deadline for submitting your score for a stage, you’ll lose 50 points (unless your lateness is caused by the organisers).

The results should update live. Please make sure to submit your scores for the stages that aren’t automatic results.

Competition numbers

We’ve given everyone a competition number to help us manage the results. You can find your competition number at the top of this page. If you’ve taken part in our previous competitions, you should have the same number. Your team also has a number.

Number bib

Just for fun! Why not print and wear your number bib, then take a photo and post it on the Facebook group/send it to us? Find the number bib template here.

Daily roundup

We’ll be hosting a live daily roundup at 20:00 UK time each evening, where we’ll discuss the day’s stages with competitors and course setters. We’ll also be showing Catching Features team final on Sunday night. Link here for all days.


We’ve created a new Facebook group – a way to get a bit of that big event atmosphere!

Remember to wait until after the deadline for each day before posting anything that might help people on that day’s stages.

If you’re not on Facebook, we’ll post any announcement we make in the Facebook group on our Twitter account, which you don’t need an account to access.


If you have general questions, it’s best to post them on the Facebook group, because others might be able to help you more quickly than we can (we might be sleeping!). Alternatively, you can contact us here or by email, please include your competitor number.


This competition is designed to give you all some orienteering fun! If you do need to make a protest, you can email us and we’ll consider it – but the organiser’s decision is final!


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