Classic Weekend



Link to Stage InfoFinish Time
Stage 1Forest Routechoice19:30 Saturday
Stage 2Catching Features: Short19:30 Saturday
Stage 3Spot the Difference19:30 Saturday
Stage 4Control Description Game19:30 Saturday
Stage 5Video Orienteering19:30 Saturday
Stage 6Catching Features: Middle19:30 Saturday
Stage 7Laby: The Maze17:00 Sunday
Stage 8Up or Down?17:00 Sunday
Stage 9Photo Memory O Version 217:00 Sunday
Stage 10Catching Features: Long17:00 Sunday
Catching Features: The Grand Final


Analysis will appear here when the stage has closed.


Big thanks to our sponsors:

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  • Mitchell Maps – the official UK OCAD reseller. You can get 20% off OCAD subscriptions until the end of May plus free support when you buy through Mitchell Maps
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  • Catching Features – offering a 40% discount to all competitors
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