June Weekend – Report

5th-7th June 2020

The June Weekend saw Lockdown Orienteering visit Argentina! Using many maps that have not even had a real orienteering race on yet!

After last time’s team event it was back to the normal format for this competition. 2 categories: a 10 stage and 7 stage competition. It included 2 new stages: Matching Maps and The Contour Game.

This competition also saw the Grand Final split into a men’s and a women’s race. In the women’s it was the W12 from South Yorkshire Orienteers Anna Todd who remained very composed under pressure to cruise to victory with a big gap to the others! In the men’s it was long time participant Joe Sunley who came through to claim his first victory, he dominated all the races in Catching Features though it wasn’t completely straightforward in the final with a close battle with Tam Wilson of Edinburgh Uni. You can watch the final here!

The Winners
10 Stage:
M/W12- Robbie Lightfoot
M/W16- Rune De Clercq
Women’s Open Anna Todd (after The Grand Final)
Men’s Open Joe Sunley (after The Grand Final)
M/W50+ Martin Ward
M/W70+ Mike Smithard

7 Stage:
M/W12- Anna Todd
M/W16- Rune De Clercq
Open Ben Brown
M/W50+ Simon Errington
M/W70+ Mike Smithard

Full results can be found here.

For further information on the stages please visit the competitor information for each day here. In some of the stages you still have a go yourself to see how you would have got on (or to try again 😉 ).

Want to thank those people who made it happen. Gerardo Garcia for the maps! James and Simon Errington for results. Ben Brown for game creation and management. Color for the awesome Catching Features maps. Hector, Katherine, Craig and Brad for their livestream work.

The competition was donating some of the proceeds to the development of orienteering in Argentina and we were fortunate to use some maps from there during the competition.

What next? The British Open is next in 3 weeks time, signup to our newsletter on the homepage to know when.


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