Easter Champs – Day 2

All Stages Must be Complete and scores submitted to us by 20:00 UK Time (GMT+1)

Stage 4 –  Control Description Game

Aim of Stage: Recognise Control Descriptions as fast as possible!

Recommended Device: Any

The Website: maprunner.co.uk/cd/

Explanation: 3 Games. Game 1: Identify text description to the symbol. Game 2: Identify the symbol for a given text description. Game 3: Match the symbol and text together. It only uses the symbols that match map symbols – no testing appearance, location of flag, dimensions etc.

Warm Up: Use the link above to play each of the games above. For a list of control descriptions see https://www.maprunner.co.uk/iof-control-descriptions/

The Stage:

Once you’re ready to play the stage head over to maprunner.co.uk/lockdown-cd/

Enter your runner number and it will automatically add your name.

There are three separate quizzes, as described in Explanation above. You can do them in any order, but you only have one attempt at each.

If you want to give up in the “Match” quiz you can click the X in the top right. This will save your current score so be careful!

Stage Scoring: First it’s done on how many you got right across the 3 games, then on failures (when you click the wrong pair in the match game!) and at the end on time.

For the Championship Scoring: As normal your place in the stage equals the points you get for the championship scoring.

Tips: “That was stressful” Graham Gristwood after playing this game…

Thanks: To Maprunner.co.uk creator Simon Errington for creating a version of the game for the Lockdown Easter Champs!


Stage 5 – Photo Memory Orienteering

*** 11:50 Due to problems loading the photos (big files) we’ve reduced the file sizes.

Aim of Stage: Remember the map and pick the photo that shows the control

Planner: Graham Gristwood

Recommended Device: Computer/Laptop

Warm Up: Check out this webpage. You have to match the photo and the control. This stage isn’t quite like this but is the most relevant exercise we could find to warm up your brain!

The Stage: When you’re ready click here. Your time starts as soon as you click! There are 12 controls. You will see a map and then on the next page there are 4 photos. You need to select which photo matches the map you just saw. You can’t go back to the map again (don’t press the back button either because the website might stop your game and you can’t start again…). You can’t draw or take a photograph of the map. You have to use only your memory!

Stage Scoring: For every photo you pick correctly you get 1 point. People tied on points are then ranked on time.

For the Championship Scoring: As normal. Points equal to your place.


Stage 6 – Orienteering Quiz

Aim of Stage: Get as many questions right in and as fast as possible

Planner: Chris Smithard

Recommended Device: Computer/Laptop

Explanation: Questions about anything on the sport of orienteering

Warm Up: Get on Google and do some searching

The Stage: When you’re ready to play the stage click here. Your time starts as soon as you click the button. You are allowed to use any legal means to find the answers (the internet, call a friend etc). Except you can’t ask anyone who has already done the quiz. It is multiple choice.

Stage Scoring: 1 point for every right answer. Add up all right answers. Then people on the same points are ranked by time.

For the Championship Scoring: As normal. Points equal to your place.


Stage 7 – Catching Features: Middle Race

Optional Stage: Part of 12 Stage Category

***different setup to yesterday’s Catching Features Stage***

Aim of Stage: Complete the course as fast as possible.

Planner: ???

Recommended Device: Computer/Laptop

Terrain: JK…

Warm Up: Try other courses on the ‘Competition’ section in Catching Features.

The Stage:

There are 3 Courses:

Course A – Longer and Hard

Course B – Medium length and Hard

Course C – Shorter and Easy

Where to find it? The file is too big for us to upload for a ‘Competition’! So you need to download the file, play it in ‘Single Player’ mode and then tell us your time.

  1. Download file from this link
  2. Find the Catching Features Folder on your computer. You can find it like this on Windows Computer ‘This Computer’ then ‘ProgramFile(x86)’ then ‘Catching Features’
  3. Put the downloaded file in the ‘map’ file
  4. Open catching Features and select Single Player mode. You’ll see ‘Lockdown Easter Championships Middle’.
  5. Select the course you want to run.
  6. Once you finish the course take a screenshot or photo of your result. We may ask to see it.
  7. Any problems contact us

Start with the hardest course you think you can do. If it’s too hard, then you can quit and try an easier course. Note you CAN’T do an easier course before you do harder course, for example if you do Course C first you can’t do any more afterwards competitively..

The map is to the old forest mapping specification.

Tips from a Catching Features Pro:

  1. Hold space bar to look at map whilst running
  2. 1 and 2 are zoom in and out
  3. Press ‘r’ to move the map to your current leg
  4. To move map – key=direction: w=up, s=down, a=right, d=right
  5. It’s hard to relocate so stay in contact with the map!
  6. Paths can be hard to see
  7. It gets easier once you’ve played a few different map

For the Championship Scoring: First on Course A gets gets 1 point, second place 2 points, 3rd place 3 points… etc. Then Course B follows on from the end of the Course A. and C ourse C from Course B. Then if you don’t finish any course you score after the last person on Course B.

Past 20:00 – So if you now please email score to us and we may add to results 😦 Remember you only get 1 go #fairplay


Overall Scoring: Everyone scores in the 8 Stage Category!


The Daily Roundup will be live on Twitch at 20:30


Entry List – Includes your number for the championship

Easter Champs Athlete Facebook Group

Big thanks to our sponsors:

CompassPoint – Orienteering Equipment
Sprint Scotland – Sprint Racing and Training in Scotland
Forest Challenge Game – Orienteering Board Game
Catching Features – Providing a 40% discount for all those entering

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