Easter Champs – Day 3

All Stages Must be Complete and scores submitted to us by 20:00 UK Time (GMT+1)

Stage 8 – Spot the difference  

Aim of Stage:  Spot the differences between the two map segments.

Recommended Device: A big screen…

Explanation: What have is different between 2 maps that look the same?

Warm Up: Puzzle 4 on the Scottish Orienteering page gives a nice warm up!

The Stage:

Once you’re ready head to this website. Your time starts as soon as you click.

There are 12 questions each relating to one pairs of maps – an original and an altered map (with a number of differences to the original).

Each question is multiple choice, with 4 options and one correct answer.

Example question:What is missing?
a)      Cairn
b)      Boulder cluster
c)      Knoll
d)      Form line

You can’t go back to previous questions (don’t press the back button either because the website might stop your game and you can’t start again…).

Tip: It is more important to get the right answer than to try and do it as fast as you can! Some will be more difficult than others.

Stage Scoring: How many questions you get right is the most important then based on time.

For the Championship Scoring: As normal. Points equal to your place.


Stage 9 – Streetview Orienteering

Aim of Stage: You have a sprint course (yes we know it’s the long day but this will take a while…) and at each control you have to answer a question using Google Streetview.

Planner: Graham Gristwood

Recommended Device: PC/Laptop


Warm Up:

Derwent Valley Orienteers created something similar – the orienteering map is here and this link will take you to the right place on Google.

As it’s only a warmup here are just the first 2 controls. You need to fill in the ‘_____’ by looking on streetview.

The question for control number 1 is – 82__85

And for control number 2 – GEO___

Answers are Control#1 – 21 and Control#2 – QUIP

The Stage:

We have planned a stage around the historic city of Chester as the organiser for this event wanted to show you round the city he was born in! This link will take you to Chester in Google Streetview.

At each control we have found words or numbers and then written some of those down and you have to fill in what we have missed out.

You don’t need to be in Streetview all the time you can go back to satellite view in between controls.

Once you’re ready head to this website for the stage. Your time starts as soon as you click on this link.

Stage Scoring: How many questions you get right is the most important then based on time.

For the Championship Scoring: As normal. Points equal to your place.


Stage 10 – Catching Features: Long Race

Optional Stage: Part of 12 Stage Category

Aim of Stage: Complete the course as fast as possible.

Planner: Andrew Kelly

Recommended Device: Computer/Laptop

Terrain: JK2016 Long: Kilnsey Moor

Warm Up: Don’t warm up. It’s a long way.

The Stage:

There are 3 Courses:

Course A – Longer and Harder

Course B – Medium length and hard

Course C – Shorter and Easier

You’ll find them in the Competition section in the game under Lockdown-O – Day – Course…

Where to find it? Again the file is too big for us to upload for a ‘Competition’! So you need to download the file, play it in ‘Single Player’ mode and then tell us your time.

  1. Download file from this link
  2. Find the Catching Features Folder on your computer. You can find it like this on Windows Computer ‘This Computer’ then ‘ProgramFile(x86)’ then ‘Catching Features’
  3. Put the downloaded file in the ‘map’ file
  4. Open catching Features and select Single Player mode. You’ll see ‘Lockdown Easter Championships Long’.
  5. Select the course you want to run.
  6. Once you finish the course take a screenshot or photo of your result. We may ask to see it.
  7. Any problems contact us

Start with the hardest course you think you can do. If it’s too hard, then you can quit and try an easier course. Note you CAN’T do an easier course before you do harder course, for example if you do Course C first you can’t do any more afterwards competitively..

The map is to the old forest mapping specification.

Form is now closed please submit by email and we might add you to results… 😦

Remember you only get 1 go #fairplay

Tips from a Catching Features Pro:

  1. Hold space bar to look at map whilst running
  2. 1 and 2 are zoom in and out
  3. Press ‘r’ to move the map to your current leg
  4. To move map – key=direction: w=up, s=down, a=right, d=right
  5. It’s hard to relocate so stay in contact with the map!
  6. Paths can be hard to see
  7. It gets easier once you’ve played a few different map

For the Championship Scoring: First on Course A gets gets 1 point, second place 2 points, 3rd place 3 points… etc. Then Course B follows on from the end of the Course A. and C ourse C from Course B. Then if you don’t finish any course you score after the last person on Course B.


Overall Scoring: Everyone scores in the 8 Stage Category!


The Daily Roundup will be live on Twitch at 20:30


Entry List – Includes your number for the championship

Easter Champs Athlete Facebook Group

Big thanks to our sponsors:

CompassPoint – Orienteering Equipment
Sprint Scotland – Sprint Racing and Training in Scotland
Forest Challenge Game – Orienteering Board Game
Catching Features – Providing a 40% discount for all those entering

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