Easter Champs – Day 4

All Stages Must be Complete and scores submitted to us by 15:00 UK Time (GMT+1) so we can prepare for The Grand Final at 18:00

Stage 11, 12 and The Grand Final!

Stage 11 – Trail Orienteering  

Aim of Stage:  Which of the control kites matches the control on the map.

Recommended Device: A big screen…

Explanation: Trail orienteering is about deciding which orienteering kite/flag you can see (out of 4-7 kites/flags) is the one shown on the map.

Warm Up:

This example is laid out how the stage is laid out. On the first screen click ‘load’, on the second click ‘Start (slow)’, on the next ‘Ok?’ (If you read Czech better than English this link takes you to official Czech translation).

***13:45 Update – the link isn’t working properly. So when it opens click launch and then the competition one is ” JPN Intercollegiate Champs 2014 – stage 4″ (thanks to Matthew Pickering for working that out!)

The first thing you will see is a photo which shows the control kites. Move your mouse over the map to zoom in to get a better look. Kite A is on the left and next is B and so on.

There is a time countdown. When it gets to 0 a map will appear with one control on and a description. You need to click a letter for the kite you think it is. If you don’t think it is any of the kites you click Z.

Important! Check which way north is on the map 😉

The warm up event has 5 stations (5 photos with about 5 maps each). You probably don’t want to do them all so you can press skip when you finish on a photo to get to the end and see how many you picked right.

The Stage:

Once you’re ready head over to this page (or this link in Czech). It’s the same layout as the warm up.

***13:45 Update – the link isn’t working properly. So when it opens click launch and then the competition one is “FinSpringTrailO 2013 – stage 4” (thanks to Matthew Pickering for working that out!)

Once you’ve done all the stations you’ll get a score card. Save a screenshot or take a photo (we may ask for it) and write your number (see in red below) in this sheet by 15:00 UK Time!

Stage Scoring: It’s a combination of accuracy and time!

For the Championship Scoring: As normal. Points equal to your place.


Stage 12 – Catching Features: Short Race

Optional Stage: Part of 12 Stage Category

It’s ready, chose the right race name – LockdownO – Day 4 fix – Course… – the one without ‘fix’ in title won’t work.

Aim of Stage: Complete the course as fast as possible.

Planner: Craig Nolan

Recommended Device: Computer/Laptop

Terrain: Swedish

Warm Up: Try another competition to get in the flow..

The Stage:  In the ‘Competition’ section in Catching Features.

There are 2 Courses:

Course A – Longer and Harder

Course B – Shorter and Easier

You’ll find them in the Competition section in the game under LockdownO – Day 4 fix – Course… – the one without ‘fix’ won’t work.

Start with the hardest course you think you can do. If it’s too hard, then you can quit and try an easier course. Note you CAN’T do an easier course before you do harder course, so if you do Course B first you can’t do any more afterwards competitively…

Once you have played the game you MUST submit your score using this link. Otherwise we can’t give you a Stage Score 😦 Remember you only get 1 go #fairplay

Tips for Catching Features:

  1. Hold space bar to look at map whilst running
  2. 1 and 2 are zoom in and out
  3. Press ‘r’ to move the map to your current leg
  4. To move map – key=direction: w=up, s=down, a=right, d=right
  5. It’s hard to relocate so stay in contact with the map!
  6. Paths can be hard to see
  7. It gets easier once you’ve played a few different map

For the Championship Scoring: First on Course A gets gets 1 point, second place 2 points, 3rd place 3 points… etc. Then Course B follows on from the end of the Course A. and C ourse C from Course B. Then if you don’t finish any course you score after the last person on Course B.


The Grand Final

Stage 11 and 12 results must be given to us by 15:00 otherwise we will not use them to calculate overall results. Allow plenty of time to complete them. Please do not be late!

As soon after 15:00 as we can we will publish full results. The top 12 from the 12 Stage competition will compete to determine the final finishing order.

Race B – Positions after 12 Stages: 7,8,9,10,11,12 – will be in the first start to take place. The winner of the race finishes 7th overall, second place finishes 8th overall etc

Race A -Positions after 12 Stages: 1,2,3,4,5,6 – will start in the second and final race. The winner of the of the race is the Lockdown Orienteering Easter Champion!

The races will be run in the multiplayer version of Catching Features. We will contact you as soon as we publish final results with further instructions. The races will take place between 18:00-19:00 UK Time.

The Grand Final will take place on the map that the 1971 JK Relays were held on! It was the second JK Relay held on a specifically made colour orienteering map – we could have used the first which was 1970 but decided 1971 was the more interesting area. Doubt many runners in 1971 would have expected we would recreate their race nearly 50 years later…but at least one of them will be watching!


Please tune in to the livestream of the final starting at 18:00. We will be rounding up the weekend’s action before watching the the final mass start races. Catching Features maybe a relatively old game but we have access to ‘GPS’ tracking, live splits and runner headcams. As long as the internet holds out it should be an exciting end to the weekend!


Easter Champs Athlete Facebook Group

Big thanks to our sponsors:

CompassPoint – Orienteering Equipment
Sprint Scotland – Sprint Racing and Training in Scotland
Forest Challenge Game – Orienteering Board Game
Catching Features – Providing a 40% discount for all those entering

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