Easter Champs – Final Bulletin


Firstly WOW! What a turnout with almost 500 people entered. To think the idea for the competition only came 10 days ago it is incredible. Thank you.

It is also an honour to welcome both Simone Niggli and Thierry Gueorgiou to the competition – the two most decorated orienteers of all time with a staggering 37 Gold medals at the World Championships between them. Thanks for joining us!

We know bulletins / final details can be hard work to read but as this is a new format we suggest you read them closely.

Firstly we’ve never organised a virtual orienteering competition. If everything goes smoothly for all stages it will be a miracle! If there is a problem please contact us. We will do our best to fix any problems quickly for you.

So we don’t send too much information now, we will send out an email at the start of each day with the important details for that day. As this has become a global competition we will send out this email at approximately 00:00 UK Time. We hope this will help spread out the times that you all access the different stages and reduce potential to break any of the websites…

JK Orienteering Festival: Is the biggest annual orienteering competition in the UK each year with about 3000 people and takes place at Easter, but of course this year JK isn’t happening. As we love the JK we have included some JK themed stages 😉

Timings – Really Important: All times are United Kingdom Time. That is GMT+1 and CET-1. All stages for a day can be done any time that day until 20:00 UK Time. To allow us to create results each day you MUST have completed all stages by 20:00 UK Time on that day.

Fair Play: Honesty is critical! In some stages it is possible to cheat. For each stage your first go is the one that counts. #fairplay

Questions: We have created a Easter Champs Athlete Facebook Group you can join. So if you have general questions, best to post them on there first as others might be able to help you sooner than us (we might be sleeping!). Of course don’t post anything that helps others on a stage for that day!!!

Championship Numbers: We have given everyone a number to help us manage the results. You can find it in the entry list.

Number Bib: Find Here Mandatory to wear when competing and to take a photo to prove it…only joking! But if you want to print and wear it take a photo and post it on the facebook group / send it to us. Thanks to Dominika Bąkowska for the idea!

Classes and Prizes:
There are 2 Age Groups: Open and Under 13s
And 2 Categories: 12 Stage (with Catching Features) and 8 Stage (Without Catching Features)
Prizes for the best in all age/category combinations.

Scoring: Each stage is scored separately and it’s your position that counts. All stages count overall.

Results: Final results each day will be posted at about 21.00 or as soon as possible afterwards.

Catching Features

  • Craig Nolan has done a great job creating some awesome maps for you to play on!
  • Friday has 2 sprint courses: Long and Short.
  • On Saturday and Sunday we will have 3 courses: Hard, Medium, Easy.
  • Scoring details will be provided in Day 1 Email.
  • For those who will not join in the Catching Features stages – we recommend trying it out anyway! There is a demo on the website and you can still use your discount code until Monday, even if you don’t join in this weekend.

Daily Roundup: The International Orienteering Federation’s commentator Katherine Bett will be hosting a daily roundup live at 20:30. Discussing the day’s exercises with competitors and course setters. We will provide a link to this in day 1 email.

Protests/complaints: This competition is designed to give you all some orienteering fun over Easter and is a bit of an experiment!  If you do need to make a protest then you can email us and we will consider it – but the organiser’s decision is final!

Day 1: Sprint Day

Stage 1: The Routechoice Game
Stage 2: RunningWild
Stage 3: Catching Features: Sprint

20:30 – Live Roundup

Day 2: Middle Day

Stage 4: Control Description Game
Stage 5: Photo Memory Orienteering
Stage 6: Orienteering Quiz
Stage 7: Catching Features: Middle

20:30 – Live Roundup

Day 3: Long Day

Stage 8: Spot the Difference
Stage 9: Streetview Orienteering
Stage 10: Catching Features: Long

20:30 – Live Roundup

Day 4: TrailO and The Grand Final

Stage 11: Trail Orienteering: All must complete stage by 15:00 UK Time
Stage 12: Catching Features: The Grand Final Live 18:00 UK Time

Stage 12: The Grand Final

After Stage 11 the top 6 in the 12 Stage competition will compete in a mass start race with the finishing order determining the overall positions. This will be live streamed with Katherine guiding us through the final with thoughts from some special guests. So put 18:00 UK Time in your diary! For those not in the top 6 we will provide further details later.

Entry List – Includes your number for the championship

Easter Champs Athlete Facebook Group

Big thanks to our sponsors:

CompassPoint – Orienteering Equipment
Sprint Scotland – Sprint Racing and Training in Scotland
Forest Challenge Game – Orienteering Board Game
Catching Features – Providing a 40% discount for all those entering

Chris and the Lockdown Orienteering team

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