June Weekend Stage 3: Video Orienteering

Stage description

Choose the fastest routes to complete the course.

Recommended device

Desktop computer or laptop.


We’ve planned a course and given you a choice of three routes per leg. For each leg, choose the route that you think is fastest. After you choose a route for a particular leg, you’ll then watch a video as we run your route for that leg! At the end of the course, you’ll be scored based on how quickly we ran the routes that you chose.

Why watch a video of the route? It’s more fun! Plus, maybe you’ll get some clues about the terrain that will influence the routes you choose later in the course…

You can skip the videos, speed them up, or just watch sections of them. The time you spend choosing a route and the time you spend watching the video does not affect your score.


You can have a go at the Video Orienteering stage we did a few weeks ago in Sweden here.


At the end you’ll be ranked by:

  • the time it takes us to run the routes that you chose (NOT the time you take to choose the routes, or the time you spend watching the videos)

Ready to play?

The course is in a Scottish forest and was filmed during the last week.

When you’re ready to play, go to this link.

When you finish, your result will be automatically recorded.

You MUST complete this stage by 19:30 BST on Saturday 6th June.

If you have any issues, please contact us.


Big thanks to our sponsors:

  • CompassPoint – orienteering equipment
  • Mitchell Maps – the official UK OCAD reseller. You can get 20% off OCAD subscriptions until the end of May plus free support when you buy through Mitchell Maps
  • Sprint Scotland – sprint racing and training in Scotland
  • Catching Features – offering a 40% discount to all competitors

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