Junior Weekend – Entry Information


Friday 17th to Sunday 19th July 2020 – (Can’t make it? Then sign up to our newsletter on our homepage).

What’s involved?

There’ll be ten stages across the weekend. The stages will open late on Thursday 16th.

Based on feedback from our previous events most people take take about 2 hours to complete the competition, though it does depend on how much you practice beforehand! The non-Catching Features stages will test different elements of your orienteering technique. You can have a go at stages from previous competitions to get an idea of what might be involved.

Each evening we’ll do a live video with discussion on the stages, insightful interviews and live races in Catching Features.

Junior Weekend?

We’ll be focused on the juniors this weekend! Plus we’ll be using maps relevant to the next Junior World Championships in Turkey (though you won’t need to be aiming for that competition to join in this weekend). There will be 6 age categories:

  • W12
  • M12
  • W16
  • M16
  • W20
  • M20

Adults can still enter and take part but there won’t be any results for them, only for juniors!

The stages

We call each challenge a stage. In total there will be 10 stages and the following are so far confirmed:

  • Photo Memory O
  • Rapid Route Game
  • Up or Down?
  • 2 x Catching Feature stages (optional)
  • Minecraft Race (optional) – We will issue a start time on Saturday 18th between 12:00-14:00 UK Time (UTC+1) – In cooperation with SpurPosting


For each stage you get a score based on your ranking. We then add up your best scores to find the overall winner!

What do I need?

We recommend using a desktop computer or laptop for most stages, rather than a phone or tablet. Having a separate mouse is also a good idea.

If you want to take part in all ten stages, you’ll need to have Catching Features. If you don’t have it we can provide a 40% discount code after you have entered. All other software/websites are free to use.

For the Minecraft race you’ll need the Minecraft Java Edition. If you don’t already have it you’ll need to buy and download it (about £17/€20).

Will there be prizes?

Yes! Each stage has its own scoring system which involves both time and accuracy (like in real orienteering). You’ll be awarded points for each stage based on how your performance compares to everyone else’s. For the overall results, you’ll be able to drop your points from at least one stage.

There’ll be prizes for the best competitors in all age class/category combinations.

How do I enter?

Please enter through this link.

  • Standard: £5 before 23:59 UK Time on Tuesday 14th July.
  • Late: £6 before 18:00 UK Time on Friday 17th July.

Who’s behind Lockdown Orienteering?

The competition is coordinated by Chris Smithard.

Part of your entry fee will go to the GB Squad.


The current situtation is having a massive impact on the events industry, including orienteering businesses. Please support them however you can. For example, you could consider buying that new compass you need or replacing those worn-out trail shoes now, rather than waiting for real orienteering to start again.


Lockdown Orienteering is fully supported by British Orienteering

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