Sprint Weekend Stage 9: RouteChoiceGame

Stage description

You’ll see one leg at a time. You have to decide if the left or right route choice is the SHORTEST (not fastest!), as quickly as possible.

Recommended device

Any – desktop computer, laptop, tablet, phone.


routechoicegame.com was created by Tuomo Mäkelä. You will need to register, and we recommend that you play some warm-up games before playing the actual stage.

Check out our demo video, which explains loads of things, including:

  • how to translate the website to your language using Google Chrome
  • how to find the warm-up game


You can play some warm-up games on routechoicegame.com before moving on to the real thing.

The stage

The stage will be available from 21:00 BST on Saturday 25th April.

Fair play: To make it a fair competition, you must only do the stage once – your first go is the one that counts!

There’ll be 40 legs in total. For each leg, choose the route that you think is shortest – left or right.

At the end you’ll get a score, based on a combination of:

  • how often you chose the shortest route
  • the % difference between your route and the shortest route
  • how long you took to choose your routes

You need to be quick!

When you’re ready to play:

  1. Go to the competition page.
  2. Select Play competition with code.
  3. Enter the code 4TPOVM and select Play.
  4. Submit your score – the number highlighted below – via our results website.

If you have problems logging in to the website, contact us.

You MUST complete this stage AND submit your score by 16:00 BST on Sunday 26th April.

Submitting your score makes our lives easier and means that we can produce the overall results more quickly 🙂


We’ll rank everyone’s scores in order. First place gets 1000 points, second place 999 points, third place 998 points, and so on. If you miss the deadline for submitting your result, you’ll lose 50 points (unless your lateness is caused by the organisers).


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