Sprint Weekend Stage 5: Orienteering Maps Memory Game

Stage description

You have to find the matching pairs of orienteering map samples, in as few clicks as possible.

Recommended device

Desktop computer or laptop.


The Orienteering Maps Memory Game was created by Dan Chissick. You don’t need to register, but we recommend that you play some warm-up games before playing the actual stage.

Memory is an important skill in orienteering – it means you can take more from the map each time you look. This saves you time, by reducing how frequently you need to look at the map, and by making it less likely that you’ll make mistakes.

This game is about remembering which map samples appeared on the tiles you’ve already turned over. There’s no time limit, but staring for a long time at each tile you’ve turned over is probably not the best strategy…


You can play some warm-up games on the Orienteering Maps Memory Game before moving on to the real thing. We’d recommend choosing one of the sprint or urban maps from the Select a theme drop-down menu.

The stage

The stage will be available from 00:01 BST on Friday 24th April.

Fair play: To make it a fair competition, you must only do the stage once – your first go is the one that counts! You must only use your memory, and you must not write anything down, or take any photos or screenshots during the stage.

You’ll have to match around 40 tiles to form about 20 pairs in total. There is no time limit.

At the end you’ll be ranked by:

  • how many clicks you take to match all of the pairs

When you’re ready to play:

  1. Go to this link.
    If you can’t see all 40 tiles, you need to use the zoom feature in your browser. In Google Chrome, you can zoom out by holding down ctrl and pressing .
  2. Find all the pairs!
  3. When you finish take a screenshot or photo of your completed game – we may ask to see this later.
  4. Submit your result via our results website.

You MUST complete this stage AND submit your result by 20:00 BST on Saturday 25th April.

Submitting your result makes our lives easier and means that we can produce the overall results more quickly 🙂

If you have any issues, please contact us.


We’ll rank everyone’s results in order. First place gets 1000 points, second place 999 points, third place 998 points, and so on. If you miss the deadline for submitting your result, you’ll lose 50 points (unless your lateness is caused by the organisers).


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