World Orienteering Day – Virtual Event


Anytime between: Wednesday 13th to Saturday 16th May 2020

Entry has now closed. See our future events on our homepage or signup to our newsletter below.

What’s involved?

5 Challenges and Games

  1. Street View Orienteering: have a go using this link. In the competition you’ll be racing round London!
  2. Laby – The Maze: you can have a go now using this link. For the competition we’ll set a special course for you to race round.
  3. Virtual Trail Orienteering
  4. Spot the difference: you get 2 maps which look the same but we made some small changes. Can you find them? We’ll use maps from all over the world!
  5. Catching Features: a race in the computer game Catching Features! Where in the world will we go?

Do as many as you want, anytime between Wednesday and Saturday.


We have prizes that will be awarded randomly amongst all who take part.

What do I need?

We recommend using a desktop computer or laptop for most of the challenges, rather than a phone or tablet. Having a separate mouse is also good idea.

If you want to take part in extra Catching Features races then you’ll need to have (buy) that game. All other software/websites are free to use.

What else is happening?

  • Interviews with international athletes.
  • Talking with people from around world about how they’re keeping orienteering whilst in lockdown.
  • Knock Out Competition in Catching Features – some races will be shown live with commentary. See more information here – there is a cost for this event.

How do I enter?

Entry has now closed. See our future events on our homepage or signup to our newsletter below.

What is Lockdown Orienteering?

We organise virtual orienteering competitions whilst real orienteering is restricted.

The competitions are coordinated by Chris Smithard.


World Orienteering Day Organisers and the International Orienteering Federation support this virtual event.

Lockdown Orienteering is fully supported by British Orienteering

Too busy to join us now? Sign up to hear about other competitions in the future.

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